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it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era


Eng. Mohamed Alsaja

Eng. Mohamed Alsaja

Executive Director

Eng. Alsaja has 20+ years of experience in finance, investment and project management.

He is a Co-Founder and Board Member in number of local and international companies as private equity investments, financial services, logistics, advisory services and a Real Estate Development Co. (Joint Stock company).

Eng. Alsaja is a Member of the Saudi Economic Association, Founder of GCC Association for Renewable Energy, Consulting Member of the Saudi Council of Engineers.

Eng. Alsaja is qualified Civil Engineer graduated from King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has an MBA from Surrey Management School, United Kingdom.

Baker Khudeira

Baker Khudeira BSc. MAusIMM. MAIG

Managing Director MD

Mr. Khudeira holds a Bachelor of applied Science – Geology from the University of Ballarat. Mr. Khudeira has over 10 years experience as a Senior Exploration Geologist with considerable overseas experience. He has worked on exploration projects in China, Indonesia, Mongolia and Saudi Arabia. In Australia, Mr. Khudeira is working as an Exploration Geology Consultant in Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory. Mr. Khudeira is a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (MAusIMM) and a member of the Australian Institution of Geoscientists (MAIG).

Eng. Ahmed Abouelhassan

Eng. Ahmed Abouelhassan

Business Development Manager

Engineer Ahmed A. Hassan is a Founder, Co-Founder and board member in multiple companies in Egypt. He is an experienced Enterprise Architect with a history of successfully managing large-scale projects around Business Strategy, Start-ups, Infrastructure, migration, transition and transformation confidently using the latest and established methodologies and technologies.

He is an astute and adept visionary who can lead, identify, manage and develop the best outcome from Operational teams, Subject Matter Experts, Business Stakeholders, Project Managers and Vendors to ensure excellent results and efficient roadmaps for business formation, transformation and/or transition.

Eng. Ahmed has a huge network of natives in Africa, especially in Egypt and in Sudan, which assists him in identifying and locating mines containing rich concentrations of mineralisation. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from City University in Washington Seattle. He spent most of his life between the United Kingdom and Egypt.

Ramez Alhazzaa

Dr. Ramez Alhazzaa PhD, MBA

Business Development Manager

Ramez develops growth strategies and plans, identifies business opportunities, provides financial analysis and facilitates our stakeholder management. With his focus on growing and diversifying revenue streams while promoting Ashgill’s global exploration capability, he provides insight into our ongoing and prospective projects and has strengthened our management team. Ramez has international marketing and engagement experience in South East Asia, the Middle Eastern and Australia.

Patrick Newman

Patrick Newman

Chief Financial Officer - UK

Patrick joined the Ashgill team in 2013 and his international financial experience will be utilised to advance the companies projects. Mr Newman has 20 years investment experience in emerging markets across a range of sectors including telecommunications, media and natural resources. A founding shareholder in a number of natural resources and renewable energy companies MA, Oxford University

Khurelbaatar Lamzav

Khurelbaatar Lamzav MGeol

Managing Director MD – Mongolia

Mr. Lamzav holds a Master in Geology from the Mongolian Technical University in Ulaanbaatar. Mr. Lamzav has over 20 years experience as a Geology Manager. He has acquired considerable overseas experience. He has worked on exploration projects in Mongolia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Mr. Lamzav is currently managing countrywide project generation in Mongolia. Mr. Lamzav distinctive global geological expertise in Base Metal Exploration is an asset for Ashgill Australia prospectus.

Zoljarga (Zoloo) Jamiyansharav

Zoljargal (Zoloo) Jamiyansharav

Chief Operation Officer COO – Mongolia.

Mr. Jamiyansharav is an exploration geologist with over 10 years geology project experience in Mongolia and Western Australia. Mr. Jamiyansharav has a Degree in Mining Geology. Mr. Jamiyansharav has vast knowledge in base metal and hydrocarbon projects in Mongolia. He has amassed an extensive network amongst the Mongolian Mining Industry. Ashgill Australia is proud to have Mr. Jamiyansharav on board.

Wowon Trestiady

Wowon Trestiady

Chief Operation Officer COO – Indonesia.

Mr. Trestiady has more than 20 years experience in Indonesia and SE Asian Exploration Projects and currently consulting for foreign exploration firms in Western Sumatra. Mr. Trestiady has remarkable knowledge of Indonesian geology and significant skills in local project management. Mr. Trestiady major project management was with BHP Mineral Asia Pacific at Obi Island in East Indonesia. Ashgill Australia is delighted to have Mr. Trestiady on board and welcoming his contribution for the company prosperity.