Ashgill Australia
it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era

Bulghah Gold Mine

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Latitude 24.59N, Longitude 41.36E, some 65 km SW of The Sukhaybarat Mine, and is linked to it by a 70Km paved highway.

Mining in Bulghah Mine

Exploration has indicated that Bulghah Deposit is one of a number of Gold prospects surrounding the Sukhaybarat Mine that will enable the plant to continue even after the Sukhaybarat resources are exhausted.

Construction of the Bulghah Mine began in March 2001 and operations started in October 2002. Gold production in the initial 3 - 4 years is expected to be significantly higher than the estimated 81,700 ounce average due to higher grades of ore that are going to be treated.

The ore will be crushed, screened and stacked at an annual rate of approximately 4 - 4.5 million tons. Part of the Gold recovery process will be done at Sukhaybarat Mine.

Mine production in 2003 is scheduled at 7.7 million tons, of which, 4.2 million is ore.

Gold production is estimated at 130,000 ounces at a recovery rate of 75%.

To read more click here to download the project report in pdf format.