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it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era

Al-Hajar Gold Mine

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Al-Hajar is Ma’aden’s third Gold Mine.

Ma’aden has held a mining license for this mine since 1998.

Al-Hajar is located at Asir Region, in the southwestern of the Kingdom.

Latitude 23 27'N Longitude 45 33'E, 60 Km west of Bishah.

No of employees : 100

Resource and Grade:

Al-Hajar deposit occupies two adjacent hills, and is amenable to surface mining. Beneficiation and metallurgical tests have indicated that recovery rates for Gold is up to 80%, while Silver recovery is only 30% as most of the Silver is hosted in Jarosite, an Iron Oxide which is not amenable to leaching.

The area is also known to contain other resources. Plans are being formulated to mine the resources as a satellite operation to Al-Hajar, now in full commercial production.

To read more click here to download the project report in pdf format.