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it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era

Syrian Phosphate

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The General Company of Phosphate and Mines made a lot of informing projects which longs for developing the informing work and holding typically step in its administrative regime method of work. In other words, the company performed primary analyzing study of the work statue in the general administration of the company. In the light of our experience and our interacting with other experiences in the field of informing development, we took into consideration in the company’s Informing plan to determine a scientific course of informing development.

In this course, the company aims to reach the gradual and consisted automation Of all branches of the company throughout building consisted informing system And connect between branches to achieve consisted informatics system to connect the distributed branches with the general administration in Homs gradually to be able to interact with the local and international net in future to start executing the plan, the company bought many personal computers with their accessories for directorates of central administration as a first stage. These computers can be connected with the net later to start training in forming field.

Then the company rehearsed group of workers in this field through submitting them to course in different levels to be the central base of informing development later on after that, as a first step the company executed a connecting consisted net which was one of the pioneer nets in the public section in the governorate. The connecting consisted net connected between all departments of the general administration according to the approved plan and the available sum of money, the company started to execute in formic acid connecting net and consisted programming system which covers all work points in the directorate of Alsharqiah mines.

In the following years and according to the approved plans, the automation procedures shall be continued in the rest directorates and general administration according to the approved sums.

Soon and in the next years, all these directorates shall be connected; the administration shall be aquatinted to all works in the directorates and it shall have direct and instant observation on work. This will affect the work qualification and enable the administration to get the most accurate information in the suitable time to make decisions upon actual information. A big economical support shall be achieved if the informing techniques are applied in the perfect form and if we decrease the wastes.

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