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it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era

Khar Tolgod Uranium Project — Southern Mongolia

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The Khar Tolgod tenement located at the South West of Gobi Desert in Mongolia, it is about 1600Km southwest of Ulaanbaatar. It is accessable by unpaved road via the city of Arvayheer.

Geological Setting

The Khar Tolgod is a larg sedimentary basin with thick multi startigraphy, the basin deposition was controlled by Paleo — channel system and later by glacers.

Age of the basin

Age of The Basin: The sediments are comparatively young and back dated from the Upper Creatceous to the Holocene. The regional Stratigraphy were observed on flood cuttings it has variable thickness and Depositional enviormnets. It is a well known environment for Uranium deposit.

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