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it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era

Mahd Ad Dahab Gold Mine

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Mahd Ad Dahab Mine is situated at an elevation of 1,060m above sea level in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia the mine located about 380 Km by road North East of Jeddah.

The project consists of an underground mine with a total tunnel development in excess of 47 Km. Mill and Refinery, Power Station with a capacity of 10 M Watts, Water Treatment Plant, Maintenance Workshop and Stores.

There is a Township and General Camp on the project for all employees. The Project provides meals, recreation such as swimming, tennis, squash, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, gym and in addition a playground, a library, bakery, laundry, and a clinic for routine medical care and emergency cases.

To read more click here to download the project report in pdf format.