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it is a GeoWise era
it is a GeoWise era

Sedigi Feasibility Study

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The previous plan for the exploitation of the Sedigi field was devloped per the terms agreed to in the 1988 SEERAT Convention betweedn the Republic of Chad and the Consortium (Exxon 40%, Shell 40%, Elf 20%). The convention required that the Sedigi field facilities would be owned 100% by the Consortium, and that the pipeline and refinery would be owned and operated by "Societe d'Etude et d'Exploitation de la Raffinerie Tchadienne" (SEERAT), a company owned 51% by the Consortium, and 49% by the Chad government. The objective of the SEERAT project was to pipeline the Sedigi crude to a newly constructed refinery to be located at Farcha in N'Djamena, the Countries capital which would meet the energy demands of "Societe Tchadienne D'Eau et D'Electricitie" (STEE) as well as meet the potential available petroleum market. As well, the project would have to meet the profitability criteria necessary for the government of Chad to secure financial support from the consortium members, and/or other lending institutions to allow it to meet its cost obligation to the project.

To read more click here to download the project report in pdf format.