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it is a GeoWise® era

Ashgill Australia Pty. Ltd News

Ashgill Australia Pty. Ltd is the license holder for Uranium Exploration (EL 0402/14) in Northern Malawi and currently undertaking an Environemental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).


Ashgill Australia Pty. Ltd has established its subsiduary Ashgill Morocco Ltd and currently owns 80% interest at Aghracha Fe / Ti / V Project.


Ashgill is currently negotiation Massive Sulphide Project at Mindanao in southern Philippines with Jabal Development Mining Inc to acquire its exploration licenses based on JV agreement.

Welcome to Ashgill Australia Pty. Ltd

Ashgill Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian geology and mining consultant group which is presently in demand throughout the world particularly in determination of scientific course of informing development.

Ashgill Australia Pty Ltd is currently managing exploration projects in Australia and Mongolia.

Ashgill Australia Executive Board Members are globally renowned for their expertise and accomplishments in Mining Project Development and Financing.

Ashgill Australia endeavours to achieve the highest standards in up to date mining technology whilst maintaining the delicate balance in demographical and environmental aspects.

Ashgill Australia Pty Ltd is the proprietor for GeoWise trademark.

Baker Khudeira
Managing Director